Dima Ross was born in Russia. He was educated in Beit Zvi Theatre School (2002) and in The Body Theatre Movement Theatre School (2003). He began to work with Malenki Theatre already in 1998 and since then regularly appears on Malenki Theatre’s stage as well as in different roles in Habima National Theatre and Yiddishpiel Theatre. Ross made his film debut in 2002 and uses to play in different films and TV-shows in Israel. In Malenki Theatre he appeared in following shows: The Last Demon (2000), The Old Wife and the Miracle Monger (2002), The Stranger (2003), The Rose of Jericho (2004), Woyzeck (2005), About the Sin (2006), The Little Tragedies (2007), The Emigrants (2008), Job (2010), Golem (2011), The Black Monk (2012), Talk to me Like the Rain (2013),The Bastard’s Story (Lear. Puppets and People) (2015), Unclaimed Ashes (2016). Dima Ross was awarded The Golden Hedgehog Award as a best actor of the year for the performance The Stranger (2005).



Evgenia Sharova was born in Azerbaijan and moved to Israel in 1999. She is second degree graduate of Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. Evgenia began her career in Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre in Baku in 1992 where she got many principle parts. After moving to Israel Sharova started to play in Beer Sheva Theatre Dagesh, then in 2005-2007 joined Beer Sheva theatre’s special project of Russian-language performances. Throughout 2009-2013 Evgenia Sharova appeared in several shows of Context Theatre in Ashdod directed by Michael Teplitsky. Currently Evgenia combines working in Malenki theatre and Beer Sheva Theatre. She appears in two Malenki Theatre shows: “The foreign woman” and “The chairs”.



Ilya Domanov is an actor, performer, medical clown and teacher. He was educated in the Academy of Eurhythmy (Moscow) and "Center of Drama Art” (Moscow) as an actor and performer, besides he took some courses in GITIS/RATI (Moscow).

Ilya has additional background in acting, dance, butoh, clowning, dance improvisation and contact dance from his studies in Russia, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, etc.

Domanov was born in Russia. He is been working as an actor, dancer, performer and choreographer in independent projects in Israel, Russia and Europe since 2000.

Apart from this Ilya works as a medical clown in Barzilai Medical Center. 

Ilya appears in different projects of theater "Malenky" as an actor, performer and choreographer.


Ori graduated from Sophie Moskowitz School of acting and directing. Since his graduation he has been collaborating with Independent theatre group “Collage”, Rina Yerushalmi’s “Ensemble Itim” and children’s theatre “The World of Imagination” as director, actor, performer and creator. He joined Malenki Theatre’s team in 2015. Levanon took part in many different theatre festivals, among others in Acco Festival and Genre Festival in Tmuna Theatre. Apart from his theatre career Ori played in several films and TV-series. He took the scholarship of America-Israel Cultural Foundation as promising actor of 2012. Levanon was awarded as promising actor for the role of Jean at “The Future of Theatre” Festival in Tzavta Theatre and Cultural Center. Ori currently plays in “Lear. The Bastard’s Story”, “The Toth Family” and “Zemach”.



Hadas graduated from Sophie Moskowitz School of acting and directing and from Theatre, Dance and Modern Circus College Ha-Bustan. She developed her skills by attending many acting, dance and theatre clowning workshops. During her studies Eyal received a scholarship for prominent students by Esther and Dr. Eli Fund. She was awarded as best actress for the show “Peter@burg” at the Festival “Russian Classics”, Moscow. Hadas appeared on many stages in Israel, among them Acco Festival, Bat Yam Festival, Itim Ensemble, “Zik” Group, “Kam” Group, Kan Ensemble. She joined Malenki Theatre’s team in 2015 and currently plays in the following shows: “Lear. The Bastard’s Story”, “The Snow Tale”, “The Toth Family” and “Zemach”.


Ksenia graduated from Ivanovo District School of Culture (Ivanovo, Russia) and specializes in acting and puppetry. She developed her acting skills by attending many theatre and puppet theatre workshops held by teachers from Russia and Australia. Since 2012 Moroz appeared on stage of Ivanovo State Puppet Theatre. She debuted as director in 2014. In 2015 she moved to Israel and joined Malenky Theatre’s team. Ksenia Moroz designed set and puppets for the show “The Snow Tale” and currently plays in the following shows in Malenki Theatre: “Lear. The Bastard’s Story”, “The Snow Tale” and “Alice and the Old Circus”.


Leon graduated from Sophie Moskowitz School of acting and directing. His acting skills were developed by attending many workshops held by teachers from Israel, Europe and Russia. Since 2011 Moroz appears on stage in different drama, musical-theater, physical theatre and clown shows. Until now he played in following theatres: Malenki Theatre, Habima National Theatre, Herzliya Municipal Theatre, Tmuna Theatre, Youth Theatre of Shaul Tiktiner and Zulik productions. In 2015 Leon started directing in Israel and abroad. Apart from his theatre career Leon plays in films and TV-series. He joined Malenky Theatre’s team in 2015 and currently plays in “Lear. The Bastard’s Story” and in “Alice and the Old Circus”. He is the author and the director of the show “The Snow Tale”.