artistic director

Michael Teplitsky is Artistic Director of Malenki Theatre since the beginning of 2015. He is also the Artistic Director of Context Theatre (Ashdod, Israel) and the Artistic Director and Producer of The Festival of Jewish Art Shalom Aleichem (Tel-Aviv,Israel).

Michael was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved to Israel in 1990. He was educated at St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (Russia) and at the Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts (Israel). Teplitsky was one of the originators of Malenki Theatre, then as an actor, and appeared in many performances there (The Old Wife and the Miracle Monger, Chairs and others). Michael’s recent productions in Malenki Theatre are The Chairs (2016), The Bastard’s Story (Lear. Puppets and People), 2015,  Kiselev’s list (2015) and The Foreign Woman (2015).

Throughout his years in Israel Michael directed many shows in different theatres among them Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts, Ramat Gan, Context Theatre, Ashdod, Gal Ofakot Production, Alyn Shtinbel Ofakot Production, Tiberias Municipal Theatre and Actor`s collection, Habima National Theatre of Israel.

Teplitsky often collaborates with theatres in Russia; over recent years he has directed following shows:

Just remembered! (TAKOY TEATR, St. Petersburg, Russia) got 4 nominations for Golden Mask (National Theatre Award of Russia),  including Best Show of the year and Best Director of the year (2010).

Tevye (2015) Volkov Drama Theatre, Yaroslavl, Russia.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014) and Chineses (2014) at Tyumen Drama Theatre, Russia.

My First Time (2013), TOP Theatre, Omsk, Russia.

Monsieur Amilcar (2012), International Theatre Project by Penza Drama Theatre, Russia.

In some projects Michael Teplitsky acted more than in one capacity and took over the duty of co-writer (Indecent Stories, Just remembered!, The Foreign Woman, Tevye) or of an actor (The Foreign Woman, The Chairs).

Teplitsky received many awards for directing and acting, among them: The Best Actor Prize at Teatroneto Festival for the Contrabass by Patrick Süskind (Teatroneto is a one-man show festival, 2001, Israel), Yuri Shtern Award ,2014, an award for outstanding immigrant-artists (Israel), he was nominated as Best Director of the year at the Golden Mask National Theatre Award of Russia, 2010).




set, costume and light  designer

Vadim Keshersky specializes in set, costumes and lighting design.

Born and grown up in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Vadim studied first at Grekov's Art Studio in Rostov-on- Don, and then at Russian Academy of Arts in St-Petersburg.  After moving to Israel in 1992 Keshersky became a man in charge of the setting appearance, workshops, set design and art production at New Israeli Opera designing at the same time set and costumes for several projects there. Vadim Keshersky’s painter’s career runs concurrently with his theatre professional life. Along the years Vadim’s paintings had been presented at exhibitions in Israel and abroad, among others at The Brick Lane Gallery in London, Agora Gallery in New York,  Berliner Liste 2011, P8 Gallery in Tel Aviv.

Among Vadim Keshersky’s awards and nominations for set and costumes design are The Golden Hedgehog award for the show “The Black Monk” ( Malenki Theatre, 2013), nomination for The Golden Hedgehog Award for the show “Talk to me like the rain” ( Malenki Theatre, 2014) and the Prize for the best scenography awarded to the show “Tevie” (Volkov Theatre, Yaroslavl, Russia) at National Drama Festival, Tambov, Russia. Vadim Keshersky joined the team of Malenki Theatre in 2011 and has designed set and costumes for the following shows: Golem, The Black Monk, Talk to Me Like the Rain, Lear. The Bastard’s Story, Strawberries in Summer, The Foreign Woman, Unclaimed Ashes and The Toth Family.

Goldin Yuri

TV Manager · Producer · Director


1984 Bachelor's degree in Geology. Saint Petersburg Mining University

1992 undergraduate and graduate degree, The Boris Shukin Theater Institute in Moscow, specializing in directing

2002 TEFI Award in the category of channel packaging and current affairs department in the "Culture" channel (Russia

2004 TEFI Award in the categories of sequence broadcasts and packaging of the channel on the "Culture" channel (Russia

2009 "The Theatrical Novel" - "Golden Eagle" Award for Best TV Movie or Mini-Series

2013 "The Dark Kingdom" - main prize at the "Experience Two" film festival

Theater Plays - Directed

1991 "Pushkin House" The Boris Shukin Theater Institute, Moscow

1992 "Golden Man", State Youth Theater, St. Petersburg

2014 "Candid", The Boris Shukin Theater Institute, Moscow

2016 "Abandoned Dirt", Malinki Theater, Tel Aviv

2019 "Russian Roulette", Jerusalem Chamber Theater, Russia

Movies - Directed

1991 "Behind the Spark of the Diamond Stream" Out-of-Competition Fundraising Award, "Post Montreux"

1996-1999 "21:00", "The boy who looks like me and the girl with his eyes", "Silent hunter"

2000 TV series "The Butterfly Track", 8 episodes

2001 "The Lady in Glasses with the Gun in the Car"

2004 "The Theatrical Novel"
Nominated for the TEFI Award and the Golden Eagle Award. Screened at festivals: "Prix Italia", "FIPA", "FAMAFEST", "De L'Encra de L'Ecran"

2013 "The Dark Kingdom"


Work Experience

1984-1987 Member of geological expeditions to discover fossil fuels in the Kamchatka Peninsula

1992-1994 May at the radio and television company "Ostenankino"

1994-1998 May at REN-TV

1996- 1998 Chief Producer of the "Point Movement" production company

1997- 1998 General Manager of the television company "Slobodka"

1998- 2006 Chief Director of the TV channel "Tarbut"

2015- 2006 Chief Producer of the TV Company "Center for TV Culture". Independent director and producer

2015 Immigration

2016-2018 Chief Producer of the online channel ILAND in Israel

Production of shows and exhibitions


1997 - 2000 Production of the "Silver Rubber Shoes" Awards Ceremony

1998 EXPO International Exhibition in Lisbon - The Russian Pavilion

1999 International Telecom Exhibition for Geneva - Russian Pavilion

2001 Asia Telecom International Communication Exhibition in Hong Kong - Russian Pavilion

2002 EXPO International Exhibition in Hanover - The Russian Pavilion

2002 International Armwrestling Competition "Moscow Hand" in Hanover

2014 - 2017 "Foresight" show for fighter jets and race cars, Moscow


set, costume and light designer

Polina graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts and has additional education background in theatre field.

Adamov has been designing sets and costumes since 1995. She started her career in Russia collaborating with following companies in Russia and Ukraine: Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theater, Theater Vakhtangov and Russian Academic Youth Theater in Moscow, Suziri Theater and Ivan Franko Academic National Theater in Kiev, Takoi Theater in St-Petersburg. Polina began to work with Israeli theatres in 2003 after moving to Israel in 2001. She has created sets and costumes for many theatre companies among them: Malenki Theatre, Habima National Theatre, The Cameri Theatre, Gesher Theatre, Yiddishpiel Theatre, Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa,  Jerusalem Khan Theatre, Context Theatre and others. She is being working equally on design of the handbills, brochures, posters, playbills and web-sites.

During the years of her artistic activity Mrs. Adamov received many awards for stage and costumes design as well as for books and magazines typography, among them: National Theatre Award for design of costumes at Jerusalem Khan Theatre (2010, 2012), The Golden Hedgehog Award for the best stage design of the year for Malenki Theatre’s show “Orpheus in metro” (2009), Prize for the best stage design of the year in Ukraine for Ivan Franko Academic National Theater’s show “Marquise de Sad” (1999) and more.

Polina joined the team of Malenki Theatre in 2003 and has created set and costumes for the following shows: The Old Wife and the Miracle Monger, The Stranger, The Rose of Jericho, Crime on Goat Island, Woyzeck, About the Crime, Little Tragedies, The Emigrants, Orpheus in Metro, Job, The Chairs and Zemach.

Ina Malkin Solomon

Lighting designer


Bachelor of Arts in the Department of Theater Design, Tel Aviv University

Over the years, she has designed lighting for plays in many theaters - Beit Lesin Theater, the Cameri Theater, the Habima Theater, the Gesher Theater, the Yiddishpiel Theater, the Haifa Theater, the Herzliya Theater Ensemble, the Holon Mediatech Theater and the Alley Theater.

She has also designed lighting for many plays for acting schools and festivals in Israel and abroad

Between the years 2000-2013 the in-house designer of the Malanky Theater

Between the years 2004 - 2012 the in-house designer of the Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth

In 1996 she won an award for lighting design for the play "This Night" - Orna Porat Theater

Since 1998, a lighting designer in collaboration with Misha Chernovsky.

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