Coproduction of Habima National Theatre and Malenki Theatre


The end of 1920’s. After a very successful tour in Europe and USA Habima Theatre decides not to come back to USSR. A great part of actors unsatisfied with powerful and tyrannical administration of the Theater Director Nahum Zemach splits the troupe into two groups. Zemach stays in USA with the smaller group of actors filled with hope to create a new Habima while most of the actors return to Europe and then move to Palestine. In the beginning of 1930’s Nachum Zemach comes to Palestine trying to reunite the theatre but he never succeeds. Habima actors are not ready to pardon him and let come back the last founder and leader…

“Zemach” is a bright and touching theatre show based on the letters that Nachum Zemach wrote to his wife Myriam Goldin from Palestine while she stayed in USA that Michael Teplitsky turned into a stage play.

Duration of the performance 120 min

Language: Hebrew

Director:  Michael Teplitsky

Stage play by Michael Teplitsky

Hebrew translation: Elina Shtrahman

Set and Costumes Design:  Polina Adamov

Lightening Design: Ziv Voloshin

Music by:  Eugene Levitas

Movement trainer: Lena Rosenberg


Gil Frank

Dana Yadlin

Yuval Shlomovitch,

Dima Ross

Ori Levanon,

Hadas Eyal

Photography  by Mark Tso


"Will there never be a war?!"  is a Hungarian comedy-drama based on the novel by Örkény István

Matraszentanna is a small mountain town, so small, in fact, that it has no indoor plumbing. Gyula Toth, a soldier, informed his family that his company commander Major Varro would be spending his leave at their home. Since the major suffers from insomnia and an overly sensitive nose Gyula convinced him to relax with his parents in their rustic village...


Duration of the performance 120 min

Language: Hebrew


Director:  Michael Teplitsky

Adaptation: Michael Hefetz 

Hebrew translation: Elina Shtrahman

Scene, Costume, Accessories and Lighting Designer:  Vadim Keshersky
Music by:  Eugene Levitas



Major Varro Ori Levanon

Tóth Lajosh Vitaly Voskoboynikov

Mariska, Tóth wife Xenia Markuze 
Ágika, Tóth daughter  Hadas Eyal

Pishta, local postman Dima Ross


Photography  Elena Zapassky/ Dima Valershtein



Alice and the Old Circus

A clown show for the whole family! Alice receiving two presents for her birthday: a smartphone and a mystery-box with clowns, doesn’t pay attention to the old-fashioned mystery-box so the clowns from the box start to interfere in her life, they ruin her smartphone and vivify for her the wonderful universe of Circus. Playing with the clowns Alice reveals the whole new world that is not on the screen but in her hearth and thoughts. The meeting with the magic of clowns and of the circus is aimed at young and teenagers audiences. 

The show is staged within the framework of Fourth International Clown Festival in Netanya.

Duration of the performance 75 min

Language: Without Words

Director:  Michael Teplitsky

Scene, Costume and Accessories Designer:  Olga Dumova
Music by:  Eugene Levitas


Vladimir Zemlyansky

Ilya Domanov

Leon Moroz

Ksenia Moroz

Photography  by Mark Tso

© 2016 by Malenki Theatre      Photo by Oleg Evstafyev