The Story and a Half

A new documentary performance of the Malenky Theater follows and records the experiences of the children and youngsters who made aliyah from the former Soviet Union countries. The generation of the young people who were born there but had to grow up and to integrate into a new society here, the so-called "generation 1.5". They share directly all the pain of assimilation into an Israeli community. All the material is documentary, based on the stories from the people's diaries kept in the years of the first aliya, recent posts from the social networks and private conversations and interviews. The representatives of the generation 1.5 immigrated to the State of Israel with their families, against their will in many cases. They integrated (or not) into an Israeli community, became an indispensable part of the texture of life in Israel. And only now, 30 years later, they are processing and analyzing the events of the past, which sometimes looks like social psychological therapy in a way


Duration of the performance 90 min

Language: Hebrew

Directing and Dramaturgy: Michael Teplitsky

Scene, Costume Designer: Michael Teplitsky

Project Coordinator and Assistant Director: Julia Goland

Lighting design: Misha Chernyavsky, Inna Malkin

Technical director: Sasha Lee


Cast: (according to A-B) Hadas Eyal, David Zisselson, Xsenia Markuze, Leon Nonin

According to the story of: (according to A-B) Ksu Borisov, Daniel Margolin, Irina Torch, Luba Laor, Leon Nonin, Lev Kogan, Julie Kayt, Helen Roth


Photography  Mark Tso



In the center of this thrilling psychological drama the story of a doctor's secret and his miserable desire for a woman, against the backdrop of colonial life in the Far East taken place of the turn of the last century.
“... Am I living in Amok? Do you even know what “Amok” is? It’s a psychotic condition, often defined by psychiatrists as a syndrome common among residents in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and surrounding areas.”

A play by Michael Teplitzky based on a novella by Stefan Zweig.


Hebrew translation: Roee Chen

Directed by: Michael Teplitsky

Stage design: Polina Adamov

Costume design: Judith Aharon

Lighting Design: Misha Cherniavsky, Inna Malkin

Music: Yevgeny Levitas


Cast: Dudu Niv, Anna Dubrovitsky, Ori Levanon, Ksenia Moroz





 “When the sun arrives I’ll melt away”… “So I’ll head to the sun and will ask him not to come”

“The Snow Tale” is a beautiful and unique show for the whole family that conveys the cozy homely winter feel. The fact that the venue can seat up only 34 persons invests a lot in this atmosphere.

The little snowman starts his journey to stop the sun from coming in an effort to have the winter continue. On his way he meets new friends living in the forest and learns a lot of new about the world, the nature and particularly about himself.

The show is based on a romantic folk story “The sun and the snow people”. 

Theatre adaptation and direction: Leon Moroz

Set, costumes and puppets: Ksenia Moroz

Music: Leon Moroz


Ksenia Moroz

Hadas Eyal

David Ziselson



Photography  by Mark Tso