Theatre Malenki (Malenki “маленький” means small in Russian) was founded in 1998 by Igor Berezin, Michael Teplitsky, Boris Entin and Helena Yaralova - a group of immigrants graduated from best Theatre schools in USSR.

From the beginning the Malenki found a niche for itself. Almost from the first show performances were decided to be staged in Hebrew in order that they become a true part of the Israel’s cultural environment. Currently The Malenki has regular shows in two languages – Hebrew and Russian. The theatre has since specialized in adaptation and very modern interpretation of famous classical pieces of writing. The Malenki quickly won public and critical acclaim. Through the years Malenki theatre developed a remarkable style that vividly differs from everything one can find in well-established Israeli theatres.


Apart from staging Malenki theatre has produced some festivals among them: Days of Shining Festival (under the auspices of the Municipality of Tel Aviv), In First Reading Festival (with the support of Ministry of Absorption).


The theatre was accorded international recognition and honorably represented Israel at many international theatre festivals in France, Germania, China, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Serbia, Macedonia and others.

The repertory of the Malenki consists of original adaptations of classical literary masterpieces. Among them are: The Bastard’s Story (Lear. Puppets and people) based on William Shakespeare’s King Lear; About the Sin based on Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Stranger based on a novel by Albert Camus under the same title, An Old Wife and a Miracle Monger based on short stories by Daniil Kharms, A Foreign Woman based on short stories by Sergei Dovlatov, The Black Monk by Anton Chekhov, The Last Demon based on short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer. The adaptations were accomplished by Igor Berezin, Boris Yentin, Roee Chen and Michael Teplitsky.


The theatre has permanently 26 employees from a variety of art professions.