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כניסה לתיאטרון מלנקי

Malenky Theatre

Established in 1997

 ע.ר. 580300614

Homa Migdal 32, Tel Aviv Jaffa, 6721207

Phone Number: 054-2488104

Theatre Management

Artistic Director - Michael Teplitsky

General Manager - Nadia Melmont

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Dr. Boris Entin

Our Story

יוצרים של תיאטרון מלנקי 1996

In 1996, four new immigrants to Israel – all actors and creators who had graduated from the best acting schools in the former Soviet Union – decided to establish a new theatre in Israel. Actress Elena Yaralova, actor-director Michael Teplitsky, director Igor Berezin, and theatre researcher Dr. Boris Entin laid the foundations for the Malenky Theatre, a groundbreaking ensemble that quickly earned a place of honor in the Israeli theatre scene as well as rave reviews and a loyal audience. Unconventional creative choices, a strict dedication to quality, and an emphasis on artistic daring have all helped establish our status as a high-quality theatre with a unique fingerprint in the Israeli cultural landscape. 

In 2007, a decade after its establishment, the Malenky Theatre also received institutional recognition and is regularly supported by the State of Israel’s Ministry of Culture as well as the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. In addition to the regular support, the theatre also depends on assistance from institutions, foundations, philanthropic bodies, and private donors, including the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, the National Lottery of Israel, the Yad Hanadiv Foundation, and more.  

The Malenky Theatre is a bilingual theatre, with performances in Hebrew and Russian. Since its establishment, the theatre has performed 35 different productions, including original adaptations of classic masterpieces and avant-garde plays like Lear, Dolls, and People (based on William Shakespeare’s King Lear); When Will the War Come Already? (based on a story by Istvan Orkeny); For the Sin (based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment); The Stranger (based on the book by Albert Camus); The Old Woman and the Miracle Worker (based on the book by Daniel Harmes); A Foreign Woman (an adaptation of the book by Sergei Dovlatov); The Black Monk by Anton Chekhov; The Last Demon (based on the work by Isaac Bashevis Singer); The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco; Abandoned Dirt by Mikhail Baranovski; and Amok, the psychological novella by Steven Zweig. 

In addition to plays geared toward a more adult audience, the theatre also puts on high-quality productions for children and teenagers, with shows like The Snow Fairy Tale, which received commendation from the National Culture Basket, as well as the clown show Alice and the Old Circus. 

Malenky Theatre’s shows and the artists who work with it have been awarded a large number of prizes in Israel and abroad, including the Theatre Academy Awards; the Golden Hedgehog Award; the Yuri Stern Prize for immigrant artists awarded by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption; the Rosenblum Prize for the Performing Arts sponsored by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality; the Landau Prize for the Arts sponsored by the National Lottery; First Place for monodramas at the Theatronetto Festival; a national award of excellence from the National Cultural Basket; Best Performance at the Terra Incognita Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia; and an award at the ancient VALISE festival in Lomza, Poland.

Malenky Theatre has represented Israel on a variety of international stages including in France, Poland, China, South Korea, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belgrade, and Hungary. Over the years, the theatre has established and produced a series of unique festivals, including the Days of Yizhar Festival, which was dedicated to the works of S. Yizhar; the First Reading Festival, an international festival for chamber performances; and Big Friends of a Small Theatre, with performances and artists from Germany, Czechia, Russia, and the United States. The theatre has also produced a festival for immigrant youth in distress as one of its special projects within the community.

Today, Malenky Theatre regularly employs 28 actors, creators, and artists from the various spheres of the performing arts, most of whom immigrated from the former Soviet Union. 

“Theatre has a spiritual mission,and it has the capacity to decide
on fateful questions
of the human spirit”

ליר. בובות ואנשים - הצגה 2015

The theatre’s repertoire, composed by its artistic director Michael Teplitsky, examines the absurdity of human existence and reality through a contemporary reading of classical texts and by directing focus toward current events. At the same time, the repertoire touches on documentary work based on archival research and authentic documents. 

As a theatre that was established by new immigrants, Malenky Theatre has sought from day one to bridge the gaps between languages, cultures, communities, and artists. Over the years, the theatre has offered productions in both Hebrew and Russian and has exposed the Israeli audience to masterpieces by great Russian writers like Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sergei Dovlatov, Anton Chekhov, and more.

The labor of this special place is lovingly carried out by people who are not merely “actors,” “designers,” or “technicians,” but also true lovers of culture who view Malenky Theatre as a sort of greenhouse where they can grow the fruits of new and fascinating theatrical creation, challenging current norms and reinventing itself every day. 

“Malenky, beyond any doubt, is one of the best theatre groups operating in Israel today, if not the best.” 

Merav Yudilovitch, Ynet


“A rare theatre experience.”

Tzvi Goren, HaBama

“A fascinating evening of fine theatre, period.”

Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yediot Aharonot


“Complete art that words fail to describe.”

Alis Blitental

  • 2022: Dudu Niv, “The Golden Hedgehog” Actor of the Year for his performance in Amok

  • 2020: The Golden Hedgehog Performance of the Year for Freefalling

  • 2018: Best Play Award, Terra Incognita Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia, for the play Lear, Dolls, and People.

  • 2016: Prize for Outstanding Ensemble Work, VALISE Festival in Lomza, Poland, for the play Lear, Dolls, and People.

  • 2014: Yuri Stern Price for Outstanding Artists, sponsored by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, to Michael Teplitsky, Malenky Theatre’s theatrical and artistic director.

  • 2014: Rosenblum Prize for the Performing Arts, sponsored by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, awarded to prominent creative artist in the theatrical arts, director Igor Berezin.

  • 2013: Award for Set Design, Golden Hedgehog Awards awarded to Designer Vadim Keshersky for his work on the play The Black Monk.

  • 2010: Landau Prize for the Arts, sponsored by the National Lottery of Israel, for the category of Outstanding Creative Artists in the theatrical sphere, awarded to director Igor Berezin.

  • Prize for Set Design, Golden Hedgehog Awards, awarded to set and costume designer Polina Adamov for her work on Orpheus in the Metro.

  • 2007: Awards for directing, play adaptation, and supporting actor, Golden Hedgehog Awards, were awarded (respectively) to Igor Berezin, Boris Entin and Dudu Niv for their contribution to the play For the Sin, which was based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. 

  • 2004; Play of the Year Award in the Fringe category, sponsored by the Israeli Academy of the Performing Arts, awarded to the play The Stranger by Albert Camus.


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