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Psychological Drama

“…I live amok?” Do you even know what ‘amok’ is? Amok in the Indonesian language means a fit of rage that leads to murder…”

One stormy night, two men meet aboard a ship sailing to Europe. One is a doctor returning from faraway Indonesia, where he needed to work for his livelihood. During their encounter, we uncover the story behind the madness of this doctor who had lived in isolation and boredom until a beautiful, bold, noble Western woman entered his life, seeking his assistance. From that moment on, his life spiraled out of control. This powerful psychological drama, based on the novel by the famous Jewish Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, centers on the fatal madness of love.


Written by: Stefan Zweig

Translated by: Roy Chen

Produced and directed by: Michael Teplitsky

Stage design: Polina Adamov

Lighting design: Misha Chernyavsky and Inna Malkin

Costume design: Yehudit Aharon

Choreography: Lena Rosenberg

Shadow play: Ksenia Moroz

Original score: Eugene Levitas

Assistant director: Yasmine Bar Shalom Agmon



Dudu Niv

Anna Dubrovitsky

Ori Levanon

Kseniya Moroz


Duration: About 75 minutes, nointermission

First performance: 9 June 2021

Photo: Mark Tso


“This small, quality performance manages to penetrate deep inside your soul and ultimately evoke the sense of a powerful and moving human experience…” – Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yedioth Aharonot


“Malenky is a small theater for people who love the theatrical arts and this performance is further proof of this…” -Merav Yudilovitch, HaBama Website 

“Although this theater is small by definition and by choice, this is one of the best performances you will see this year…” -Dina Halutz, La’Isha 

“The artistry of the entire creative team is breathtaking, transporting the viewer so utterly into an imaginative realm that one feels like a silent participant in the drama” -Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East 


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