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"A Warsaw Melody"

A Lyrical Urban Legend

The year is 1991. It is the evening of the outbreak of the First Lebanese War. Our story brings together a young Israeli winemaker, the salt of the earth, with an opera singer from Poland who is just beginning her career. This chance encounter leads them to fall madly in love, but the hand of fate keeps the two apart. When her residency visa expires, he is called up for emergency military reserve duty, and the two question the nature of love, happiness, and the way that beginnings and endings, happiness and sadness, hopes and disappointments are all intertwined.


Written by: Leonid Zorin

Translated by: Sivan Baskin

Produced and directed by: Michael Teplitsky

Stage design: Polina Adamov

Lighting design: Misha Chernyavsky and Inna Malkin

Costume Design: Dalia Pan

Original music by: Eugene Levitas

Video design: Konstantin Kamensky

Video editing: Yan Shofa

Assistant Director: Shiran Hai



Natalia Gantman

Ori Levanon

*Special thanks to Dudu Niv, Daryush Sadeh-Bozhzokoski, and Anna Maslov


Duration: About 80 minutes, no intermission

First performance: 24 December 2019

Photo: Mark Tso


“An interview with director Michael Teplitsky about A Warsaw Melody at Malenky Theatre”

-Yaakov Bar-On, Maariv

“After lock-down: Malenky Theatre returns with A Warsaw Melody”

-HaBama website

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