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"The Snow Fairy Tale"

A show for children and the entire family

Photo: Mark Tso

“When the sun comes, I will melt…so I will go to the sun and tell it not to come”

The Snow Dairy Tale follows the magical and captivating journey of a brave little snowman who wants to stop the sun from coming out and make sure that winter remains forever. During his journey, the small snowman makes friends with the forest dwellers who need the sun’s warm light in order to survive. Along the way, he discovers new things about the world around him, about nature, and mainly about himself. The Snow Fairy Tale is a unique, magical show for the entire family, based on the children’s story The Snowman and the Sun by Romanian author Gerta Wilk. This show is performed in an intimate space for audiences of no more than 34 people.


Idea: Leon and Ksenia Moroz

Produced and directed by: Leon Moroz

Stage and puppet design: Ksenia Moroz

Musical editing: Leon Moroz


Ksenia Moroz

Hadas Eyal

David Ziselson


Duration: 45 minutes

First performance: 7 January 2017


“An inviting show for an excellent theater that is lyrical, naïve, and full of tenderness and compassion. The rare kind that turns children with a twinkle in their eyes into theatre-loving adults, because it creates experience and magic that attract the confusing part of a soul that so badly wants to believe in fairy tales.” -Merav Yudelovitch, HaBama Website 

“A small snowman’s journey in search of the sun turns into a charming performance, the kind that will teach you the importance of listening. No child will remain indifferent to it and even if you don’t love the winter, your enjoyment is guaranteed.” – Dalia Cohen, Haaretz 

“A beautiful, creative, experiential show that is full of consideration and respect for children.” -Michal and Alona Warshai-Arlok, Time Out Magazine 

“A special show that is worth a special trip to Tel Aviv” -Channel 13 News 

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